Fizzbuzzed is a blog about tech.

We want to help people learn the fundamentals that are required to succeed in technology.

Are you considering a career switch to tech?

Are you a college student hoping to get a top tech internship?

Have you been told you “don’t meet the technical bar” when applying for a software position?

Did you land a job after a coding bootcamp but feel like your CS background is holding you back?

Fizzbuzzed is here to help.

Why is it called fizzbuzzed?

Fizzbuzz is the name of a popular ‘weeder’ interview question. You may hear stories of people asking this question to designers or people whose job isn’t primarily programming. It’s a symbol for what sometimes goes wrong in the tech industry’s interview; you’re judged by knowledge that you probably won’t use at your daily job.

Today’s tech interviews have become more of a college algorithms exam than a test of how you’d perform on the job. Interviews end up selecting people that took a similar algorithms class to the interviewer and not the best candidate. They can end up alienating people who’d otherwise be amazing at tech.

Even though the interview process at most top companies can be off putting, the internal culture is usually good. Working there is fun. The monetary compensation can be double or triple or more compared to the average tech job. It’s worth playing the game.

Aside from this, Fizzbuzzed will be a place where we have fun with programming. We’ll try simple monetization experiments and come up with fun ways to try out and learn new technologies. We’ll also post experiences of current software developers and our experiences trying out new technologies and building things.